November Wikileaks


“Hmm. If this is all to get information into the public domain where it “should” belong, what happens if as a result of these leaks people stop talking to each other? Some people will prefer to say nothing at all rather than have their private thoughts leaked.

This could affect sources talking to journalists, not just diplomats. And many journalists also get their information from diplomats, who themselves had heard something.

It is a good idea to have a default position of being open rather than closed, but you have to think about what happens as a result of leaking confidential information.

I sometimes wonder if Assange doesn’t actually care about the free flow of information in the future, just that he wants to get noticed and be some sort of “information hero”. Or maybe he is so naive to think that people will carry on as they have done, rather than remain tight-lipped when they’re next asked about something important.”

…from a Guardian article on the leak of classified information by the site Wikileaks.

Good question by this poster.  I don’t think most people live in a world of utter black and white where the truth is the truth is the truth.  And it must be spoken at all times.  What happens when people zip their lips, stay silent, and don’t spread any information?  Or, that’s too black and white, people share less.


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